how i work

my approach:

Conflict is about human interaction and communication.  It isn't something you can throw a one-size, fits-all solution at and then hope for great outcomes.  People evolve into conflict situations for a variety of reasons.  They bring less or more skill, less or more awareness to those situations.  They bring real fear and worry to conflict.  They often avoid it until it has become the elephant the room they can't ignore.

I take a diagnostic approach to conflict resolution. I meet the players, assess their situation, skills and knowledge, and create a plan to address the situation.  I review that plan for feedback from the people involved.  Then I and those people wade into it to have the "difficult conversations".  That may only take a few hours or a couple of days.  It may take longer.  But what will happen is that listening will improve, understanding will grow and ways to resolve the conflict will appear.  As importantly we will create a long-term solution to this conflict situation - no band-aids here.

My Background:

I have 25 years of experience in the study, management, training and teaching of healthy conflict skills.  From graduate work in conflict resolution, to 10 years in the college classroom, to 17 years in the trenches with businesses of all shapes and sizes, I have a wealth of information, experience and ease in the tackling of difficult conversations.

I have a B.A. and M.A. in Speech Communication, with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution and Organizational Communication.  I did my undergraduate work at Pepperdine University and the University of Nevada, Reno, and did my graduate work at Reno as well.

I'm the author of the book, What If: The Art of Crushing Anxiety

My clients:

In the last 16 years I have worked with a number of clients in a variety of industries - healthcare, advertising, public education, technology, transit, legal, small business and non-profit. 


​Allvus/Sam Villa Company, Las Vegas, NV
Amkor Technology, Chandler, AZ
Arizona Alliance of Non-Profits, Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Humane Society, Phoenix, AZ
Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
Autodesk, Portland, OR
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Phoenix, AZ
Cache Media Works, Las Vegas, NV
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
Cucina Della Cucina, San Fernando, CA
Desert Sands School District, La Quinta, CA
Fairfax County Retirement Agency, Fairfax, VA
Filament, Reno, NV
Griffin Hospital, Derby, CT
Hopkins Roden Crockett Hansen & Hoopes,

  Pocatello, ID
JGS Group, Las Vegas, NV
Leads 360, Los Angeles, CA
Lincoln Hospitals, Phoenix, AZ

Metrolinx Transit, Toronto, Canada

Midwestern University, Phoenix, AZ

Monterey Regional Waste Management District,

  Marina, CA

Mountain Park Health Clinics, Phoenix, AZ
Nevada Mining Association, Reno, NV
Overture/Yahoo!, Pasadena, CA
Planetree International, Derby, CT
R&R Partners Advertising, Las Vegas, NV
SA Photonics, Los Gatos, CA
Sightlines, Guilford, CT
Snohomish County, WA
Southwest Regional Transit Association
UC Berkeley Center for Public Health, Berkeley, CA
United Online, Woodland Hills, CA
Valley Leadership Program, Phoenix, AZ
Valley Metro Transit, Phoenix, AZ
Washoe County School District, Reno, NV