Are you:​

  • Wrestling with team communication challenges?

  • Aware that your team could be performing more effectively, with better engagement, both internally and externally?

  • Dealing with team conflict?

I can help!

​I have worked with businesses and organizations for more than 16 years, helping teams improve their communication and collaboration skills.  You can expect these kinds of outcomes from my work:

What you get:

  • Measurable improvement in productivity

  • Strengthened team communication skills

  • More effective manager-employee communication

  • Dramatic reduction in team conflict

  • Strengthened sense of collaboration/teamwork

  • Measurable improvement in critical thinking skills

  • Improved customer service performance, internally and externally


Who am I?

  • 16 years working with diverse teams across a wide spectrum of industries (see my client list BELOW)
  • 10 years teaching college communication and critical thinking skills

  • Emergenetics Associate, 2003 (learn about my use of the Emergenetics Tool HERE)

  • Advanced Emergenetics Associate, 2016

  • BA, Speech Communication, University of Nevada, Reno, 1989

  • MA, Speech Communication - emphasis on Conflict Resolution, University of Nevada, Reno, 1994


"I have worked with Erik for the past five years and found his insight into organizations and key players immensely valuable and absolutely critical to developing and maintaining communication processes throughout an organization. His tools are predictive, provocative, synergistic and truly add value at a far greater level than I've experienced with other consultants. Erik has been indispensable in resolving conflict, particularly in the “C” level Suites! During pivotal times of change, reorganization and restructuring Erik is an invaluable strategic partner."
*Sam Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Allvus

"Erik helped us (as a couple) regain clarity of thought during a time of great stress and anxiety, by asking questions that peeled away the layers of complexity to reveal the core of the issues, which were much easier to deal with than the mess he distilled the issues from. With regained perspective, we were able to make the decisions necessary to get our family out of the situation(s) causing the stress.
*Nadine Paulin, Chief of Staff, Simulation Product Group, Autodesk

"Erik is a thinking partner who helps organizations take a clear-eyed look at themselves.  He works with patience and empathy, providing the right blend of process and urgency to drive needed change.  Erik helps unpack complex problems, deal with emotional reactions and has an uncanny thinking to get to root causes, both at the individual and organizational level."
*Alan Manning, Executive Vice-President, Planetree International

Want to see concrete evidence of my work's effectiveness?  Contact me to get a detailed analysis and evaluation report from one of my clients, Sightlines.

Metrolinx Transit, Toronto, Canada
Midwestern University, Phoenix, AZ
Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Marina, CA
Mountain Park Health Clinics, Phoenix, AZ
Nevada Mining Association, Reno, NV
Overture/Yahoo!, Pasadena, CA
Planetree Patient-Centered Care, Derby, CT
R&R Partners Advertising, Las Vegas, NV
SA Photonics, Los Gatos, CA
Seacret, Phoenix, AZ
Sightlines, Guilford, CT
Snohomish County, WA
Southwest Regional Transit Association
UC Berkeley Center for Public Health, Berkeley, CA
United Online, Woodland Hills, CA
Valley Leadership Program, Phoenix, AZ
Valley Metro Transit, Phoenix, AZ
Washoe County School District, Reno, NV



In the last 16 years I have worked with a number of clients in a variety of industries - healthcare, advertising, public education, technology, transit, legal, small business and non-profit. 


Allvus/Sam Villa Company, Las Vegas, NV
Amkor Technology, Chandler, AZ
Arizona Alliance of Non-Profits, Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Humane Society, Phoenix, AZ
Arizona State University/Generation Next,

  Phoenix, AZ
Autodesk, Portland, OR
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Phoenix, AZ
Cache Media Works, Las Vegas, NV
Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV
Cucina Della Cucina, San Fernando, CA
Desert Sands School District, La Quinta, CA
Fairfax County Retirement Agency, Fairfax, VA
Filament, Reno, NV
Griffin Hospital, Derby, CT
Hopkins Roden Crockett Hansen & Hoopes,

  Pocatello, ID
JGS Group, Las Vegas, NV
Leads 360, Los Angeles, CA
Lincoln Hospitals, Phoenix, AZ

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