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conflict made safe and useful

Conflict is one of the most challenging things we can face in our world - at work, at home, anyplace.  Yet conflict is an inevitable part of people working together.  Here's some good news: it doesn't have to jam up your team, division, group or department.

Most of us know we need to face down conflict when it surfaces.  At the same time we tend to avoid it, if only to also avoid hurt feelings, time wasted and the concern that it will escalate into something we can't manage well (or at all).

I have one mission: to make conflict resolution safe and very, very productive.  

Training for safe and productivE


Anyone can become adept at managing conflict.  It's a little bit of knowledge and a handful of skills that can be applied to just about any "difficult conversation" situation.  Wrestling with co-workers?  At odds with your boss?  Wondering how to tackle that challenging client or customer?  

I can help you transform conflict into a force for productivity, creativity and profitability.

The blog

Healthy Thinking About Conflict and How to Manage it Skillfully

Conflict isn't a potato - the same through and through.  There are key issues and elements to understand to make conflict smart, safe and productive.  Visit my blog to see my latest writing and thinking about undersanding and using conflict to your best advantage.

"We have nothing to fear but

fear itself."

Franklin Roosevelt

what people ARE saying:

"I have worked with Erik for the past five years and found his insight into organizations and key players immensely valuable and absolutely critical to developing and maintaining communication processes throughout an organization. His tools are predictive, provocative, synergistic and truly add value at a far greater level than I've experienced with other consultants. Erik has been indispensable in resolving conflict, particularly in the “C” level Suites! During pivotal times of change, reorganization and restructuring Erik is an invaluable strategic partner."
*Sam Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Allvus

"Erik helped us (as a couple) regain clarity of thought during a time of great stress and anxiety, by asking questions that peeled away the layers of complexity to reveal the core of the issues, which were then much easier to deal with than the mess he distilled the issues from. With regained perspective, we were able to make the decisions necessary to get our family out of the situation(s) causing the stress."
*Nadine Paulin, Chief of Staff, Simulation Product Group, Autodesk

"I've found that many work-related challenges come down to team tension and conflict.  Erik provides an invaluable set of skills as a coach, trainer and strategic thinker.  The impact of deficits in leader and team ability to negotiate and resolve conflict impact the bottom line through lost productivity and time.  Erik helps managers set a new course for themselves and their team, restoring production and forward motion."

*Dale Erquiaga, CEO, Communities in Schools