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Colleagues Working Together


Are your teammates experiencing low morale and high risk-aversion, or conflicts ranging from a low simmer to all-out explosions? 

Service 1

We can help cut through the noise and ground people with clear, practical skills to navigate and move through conflict situations effectively. This work helps teams and individuals build a combination of confidence and competence to strengthen their sense of “agency” in dealing with soft skill challenges.If you find yourself or your team saying “oh we can’t say ….” or “we don’t talk about….” it’s a sure fire sign that the team is less comfortable having the conversation that is desperately needed and has resorted to creating work-arounds to avoid the topic or conversation all together. It’s time to get help.

Service 2


Most leaders and managers are never taught how to navigate interpersonal conflict let alone lead a team through it. Learn the skills you need to be a source of calm and leverage conflict to create a connection when everyone around is frustrated.

  • Learn to frame the conflict as a problem to solve not a crisis to run from

  • Gain a sense of calm and detachment in the face of conflict

  • Ensure everyone is listening and being heard

  • Reach a place of resolution so that compromises and solutions will last

Group therapy


Too often, we treat teams as homogeneous rather than as a collection of individuals with their own unique strengths, skills, and approaches.

This work is about helping teams and leaders genuinely appreciate and utilize those differences to build seriously effective and cohesive teams.

  • Acquire a fundamental appreciation of specific differences, strengths and blind spots of each team member

  • Learn to integrate strengths and blind spots into a cohesive and high-functioning team

  • Leverage newfound skills to improve morale, customer service, strengthen trust and reduce conflict

Service 3


Conflict has a way of bringing out the worst in everyone. Let’s safely get everything out in the open and drill down to where the real disconnects fester. 

  • Agree on rules of engagement

  • Ensure boundaries are respected

  • Diagnose and gain an unbiased perspective on the issues involved

  • Come to a solution and create a plan to make it work



Focusing on your anxiety will only distract you from the task at hand. Silence the endless “what-ifs” and explore your sense of personal efficacy. Learn new skills to get through all kinds of challenges and prove to yourself what you can do.

  • Forget your learned helplessness

  • Reframe and self-soothe to stop fear in the moment

  • Get comfortable taking up space and speaking for yourself

  • Start with small wins and stretch your comfort zone

What people are saying

“Erik helped us (as a couple) regain clarity of thought during a time of great stress and anxiety, by asking questions that peeled away the layers of complexity to reveal the core of the issues, which were then much easier to deal with than the mess he distilled the issues from. With regained perspective, we were able to make the decisions necessary to get our family out of the situation(s) causing the stress.” 

—  Nadine Paulin, Chief of Staff, Simulation Product Group, Autodesk

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